Plants require oxygen to carry out their functions of water and
nutrient uptake

As much as it´s true that flowery trees owe their beauty to its buried roots, it´s no lesser truth that the better the roots the better the overall growth and flowering performance.

It is well known that the stratum generates clods as a consequence of time and humidity, blocking the roots and thus, impeding the growth of plants and flowers.

In compacted soils, the plant will never achieve its full growth, compared to what its determined by its genetic potential.

Vegetation, as any other living creature, has its own growing process which depends not only on factors like weather, nutrients and the environment, but mainly on the quality of the soil preparation, which should allow the soil to be aerated and well drained as much as the adequate oxygen supply to the roots.

There are many cases of vegetations that, according to the experts, should have grown a lot, and, however, they remained stuck in a prior stage.

When people talk about soil preparation, amendments and strata where plants will grow, they pay little attention to this part of the job that consists of grinding and crushing clods, in order to revitalize the soil.

Breaking the clods could be thought of as a minus job which could be easily performed manually. But if we take a look at the existent gardens we can clearly realize that some of them are much more flowered and “chlorophylled green”, and plenty of healthy plants. In those cases, the planting site has been carefully prepared by improving the soil structure, which involves breaking the clods to turn them into a deep, loose and well-drained soil.


Ground soil is not only the result of manual labor, or tilling the surface. The clods breaker has been specifically designed to grind the soil, saving time and energy and improving its structure, increasing its water-holding capacity, aeration and water infiltration.

This is why the Laclau soil clods breaker is the appropriate tool to enhance the potential of the soil and achieve a better plant growth.

Due to its special system of chains attached to a central axle, the soil is not expelled until it´s not reduced to its smaller particles. The Laclau clods breaker won´t let the soil out until the job is thoroughly done.

Considering its advantages, the Laclau clods breaker is appropriate for parks and gardens, nurseries and private neighborhoods, agricultural productions and so. By optimizing the output, the investment is rapidly amortized. The workforce is reduced as a result of the reduction in labor time and efforts and commercialization with your own brand is made possible by making packing expeditious.

Good levels of oxygenation can be achieved only with proper soil preparation. Oxygen is an essential plant nutrient considering that roots require it for aerobic respiration, a process that releases energy for root growth and nutrient uptake. The result will be colorful parks and gardens, and long lasting healthy plants.



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